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We stand with Ukraine

Our sanctions lists are updated multiple times per day. They include current sanctions that have been imposed in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We encourage you to be responsible and to avoid doing business with individuals and entities responsible for this war.

Sanction protection for your business

The latest Russian - Ukrainian war related sanctions are included as well. OFAC (US), EU, UK, and UN sanction lists covered and updated daily.

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How it works

E-commerce use case explained

When you get a new order or client, we analyze the customer against OFAC, EU, UN, UK, and other sanction lists

We give you our risk estimate and you make the final decision

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When a new order comes in your store, we analyse the customer against OFAC, EU, UN, UK and multiple other sanction lists

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We give you our risk estimate. You make the final decision

Take our customer’s words

Review image for the Printful
Review image for the Printful

“Given that our company works with a myriad of customers, it is necessary to ensure compliance with the sanction regime regulations. SanctionGuard helps us to save time and human resources as the sanction screening is done automatically.”

Patricija from Printful

Review image for the Startup Vitamins
Review image for the Startup Vitamins

“I see SanctionGuard as a unique insurance for my business. Thanks to SanctionGuard, we won’t accidentally service any sanctioned persons and won’t have to pay large penalties.” 

Haralds from StartupVitamins


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About Us

Originally, we found the need for a service like SanctionGuard while helping Printful optimize the order fulfillment process. It was taking a lot of time and effort to check each order for sanctions and we needed to develop a system to speed this task up and avoid bottlenecks. We developed a product that exceeded the expectations of Printful. Our solution decreased the time it took to check orders for sanctions by half.

We realized that there must be other businesses that need this service, too. Printful couldn’t be the only ones that had to deal with sanctions compliance. That’s why we decided to give life to SanctionGuard, polish it up and make it available for everyone.

Today our goal remains the same — to help businesses increase their efficiency and avoid sanction-related headaches.

Make your online business worry-free

Avoid sanctioned persons and fines

There are over 34,000 sanctioned persons, who sometimes do their shopping online. This puts you at risk. If a sanctioned person buys your goods and becomes a customer, you may be liable to fines up to $2,000,000. Don’t put yourself in this situation and use SanctionGuard.

Boost efficiency

You can integrate SanctionGuard in your e-commerce store with only a few clicks. We check your incoming orders, compare them with sanctions lists and notify you when we find anything suspicious. Then you make the final decision about serving or denying any order.

Previously, only large corporations with specialized legal teams were able to avoid sanctioned persons and multi-million dollar fines. Now, you can use SanctionGuard and have the same protection.